2010 Fall Plenary Session

Event Dates

2010 Fall Plenary took place November 11-13, 2010 at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort.

Presentation Materials

Title Breakout Time
Nuts and Bolts
So You Want to Form a Caucus
Excess Units: What are the Issues?
What Would the LAO Say?
Hot Topics and Links...
Implementing Rigorous Content Review for Prerequisites
Hot Topics in Accreditation
State of the Senate
Today’s College Student: A National Perspective
Panel Discussion: Senate Bill 1440, “Transfer Degrees,” and Your Curriculum
Embracing the Future Requires Your Agenda be Posted in a Timely Manner
Our Students Today: Access, Equity and Challenges
SLO + Assessment: Guiding Principles, Roles, and Processes
Title 5: What’s Changed and What Needs to Change?
Accelerated and Embedded Basic Skills
Assisting Students to Graduate Through External Examinations (IB and CLEP)
Hot Topics from SACC
The Future of the California Community Colleges — Incentivizing Student Success
CCCAssess Update
The Future of our Colleges: Student Success
How Articulation Can Help You: Tools and Definitions
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Senate-Union Relations
Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies Training
SMART Tool: Data Accessibility Made Easier
The Effects of Budget Cuts on Basic Skills
Reordering Responsibilities in Higher Education: A New Compact for America