Legislative Positions

Datesort ascending Bill Author ASCCC Position Summary Position Letter
April 28, 2016 AB 1892 Medina Support AB 1892 would reform the Cal Grant C awards for student financial aid in ways that would offer substantial benefits to community college students. PDF icon AB 1892 Support awb.pdf
April 28, 2016 AB 2009 Lopez Support AB 2009 would “require the California Community Colleges and the California State University, and would request the University of California to designate a Dream Resource Liaison on each of their respective campuses . . . to assist students meeting specified requirements, including undocumented students, by streamlining access to all available financial aid and academic opportunities for those students.” PDF icon AB 2009 Support.pdf
April 28, 2016 AB 2434 Bonta Oppose Unless Amended AB 2434 would establish a Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Postsecondary Education to “make recommendations on improving access to and affordability in postsecondary education for Californians.” PDF icon AB 2434 oppose unless amended.pdf
April 26, 2016 AB 1837 Low Support if amended AB 1937 would establish the Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability as the statewide postsecondary education coordination and planning entity. PDF icon AB 1837 Support if amended.pdf
April 26, 2016 AB 1985 Williams Oppose AB 1985 would require the California Community Colleges to develop, and each community college district to adopt, a uniform policy to award a pupil who passes an Advanced Placement exam with a score of 3 or higher credit for a course within this curriculum with subject matter similar to that of the Advanced Placement exam. PDF icon AB 1985 Oppose.pdf
April 26, 2016 AB 2017 McCarty Support AB 2017 which would establish and fund the College Mental Health Services Trust Account. PDF icon AB 2017 Support.pdf
April 26, 2016 AB 1721 Medina Support AB 1721 would “express the intent of the Legislature to renew California's commitment to college affordability by increasing the aid available to needy students through expanding the Cal Grant Program.” PDF icon AB 1721 Support.pdf
April 10, 2016 AB 2412 Chang Oppose AB 2412 would establish an incentive program for the completion of industry-recognized credentials in specified occupational areas by students enrolled at participating campuses of the California Community Colleges PDF icon AB 2412 Oppose - Letter.pdf
April 18, 2015 AB 798 Bonilla Support AB 798 would establish the College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015 in order to reduce costs of college textbooks by encouraging faculty to consider the adoption of open educational resources. PDF icon AB 798 Letter of Support from Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.pdf
April 16, 2015 AB 288 Holden Support AB 288 would authorize the governing board of a community college district to develop and enter into a partnership with the governing board of a school district to establish seamless pathways from high school to community college for career technical education or preparation for transfer. PDF icon AB 288 Support Letter