Affirmative Action Regulations: Guidelines with Questions and Answers

Equity and Diversity

Continuing work of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Affirmative Action / Cultural Diversity Committee 1990-1991, the 1992-1993 committee developed these guidelines. With permission from the Human Resources Division of the Chancellor's office, major portions of the guideline language included in the publication: A Guide to Regulation Changes for California Community College Trustee were used in this document and repeated verbatim. The committee sought to include the guidelines, anticipated questions with answers, and specific suggestions for faculty at the local level. This document is designed to be a comprehensive, yet, quick reference to the revisions of the Affirmative Action Staff Diversity Regulations. While the Chancellor's Office has staff resources to address various areas of specialty in the Human Resources Division, we recommend the faculty take full advantage of the Academic Senate in addressing these issues from a faculty perspective.