Issues Pertaining to the Transfer Function of the California Community Colleges

Articulation and Transfer

The Senate response to the final Report of the Task Group on Retention and Transfer, more popularly known as the "Kissler Report" after Gerald Kissler, Assoc. Dir. of Planning, UCLA Chancellor's Office.


In order to improve the current situation, we urge that:

The Community Colleges

  1. Develop better procedures to identify transfer-oriented students at entrance.
  2. Place greater emphasis on counseling, testing, and remedial programs designed to enhance the ability of students to transfer.
  3. Develop better affirmative action and financial aid programs aimed at identifying and assisting traditionally under-represented students in transfer programs.

The Board of Governors and the Chancellor

  1. Use their influence to publicly support the transfer function and to ameliorate the present conditions which place it in jeopardy.

The three segments

  1. Cooperate in the development of regional advisory programs to better identify and counsel high school students regarding transfer programs and opportunities.
  2. Develop better articulation programs which include the faculty and support those already under way.
  3. Develop interinstitutional counseling and orientation programs for transfer-bound students.
  4. Develop better data collection systems to facilitate the exchange of information concerning areas of both strength and weakness in their respective undergraduate programs.