Allowing “P” Grades for Courses in the Major for the Associate Degree for Transfer

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Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Status Report

The issues raised in this resolution have been addressed with the new release of the Program and Course Approval Handbook (6th edition).  

Whereas, In September 2013, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office adopted the 5th edition of the Program and Course Approval Handbook and modified the courses that could be used in the major component of Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) by inserting the following sentence: "A 'P' (Pass) grade is not an acceptable grade for courses in the major” (p. 89);

Whereas, Title 5 regulations §55023 define a “P” grade as “at least satisfactory” and a “C” as “satisfactory,” establishing that a “P” is equal to a “C” or better as required for the major component of an ADT;

Whereas, Some forms of credit (e.g., AP, IB, and CLEP) are only graded on a pass/no pass basis and are commonly accepted for the major at many California State Universities; and

Whereas, Education Code clearly grants the authority to community colleges for the content of the ADTs, and this authority extends to community colleges the right and responsibility for granting credit they deem appropriate to these degrees;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to take whatever measures are needed to reverse the prohibition against using grades of “P” in the major component of  Associate Degrees for Transfer.