CAN Implementation Efforts

Resolution Number
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Articulation and Transfer
Status Report

The CAN System no longer exists.

Whereas, California community college students have long expressed a desire for a more easily comprehensible and simplified course numbering system for transfer and major preparation courses;

Whereas, AB 1603, relating to common course numbering, called for the California Articulation Number (CAN) System to be a third numbering system for transfer and major preparation courses;

Whereas, The Chancellor for the California Community Colleges has declared the CAN System to be the third common numbering system for all such courses, a declaration consonant with a 1995 Academic Senate resolution (4.1 F95) calling for such action;

Whereas, CAN has the potential to aid students in making academic decisions beneficial to their expedient transfer to University of California, California State University and some independent California colleges and universities, and the CAN System now seeks to reinvigorate itself; and

Whereas, The faculty of the California community colleges have a history of strongly advocating for and participating in intersegmental, faculty-driven transfer efforts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate' discipline faculty join with their local senate curriculum committee, and with their counseling faculty colleagues, college articulation officers and transfer center directors to promote the implementation of the California Articulation Number (CAN) through such activities as the CANing of courses, reviewing existing local courses within the CAN database, and including clear explanatory language about CAN in college publications intended for student use; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community College surge our colleagues within the University of California and California State University systems to assist in the renewal and reshaping of the CAN organization and processes to ensure a more full participation by our transfer partners working on behalf of our students.