Changes in Disciplines List

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Disciplines List
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Forward to BOG for implementation.

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that the Board of Governors adopt the changes in the Disciplines List as shown below.
Foreign Language: Master's in the language being taught OR Bachelor's in the language being taught AND Master's in another
language or linguistic OR The equivalent
Interdisciplinary Studies: Master's in the interdisciplinary area OR
Master's in one of the disciplines included in the interdisciplinary area and upper division and graduate coursework at least one other constituent discipline
Library Science: Master's in library science, library and information science OR The equivalent
Philosophy: Master's in philosophy OR
Bachelor's in philosophy AND Master's in humanities or religious studies OR The equivalent
Physical Education: Master's in physical education, education with emphasis in physical education OR
Bachelor's in physical education AND Master's in any life science, dance, physiology, health education, recreation administration, or physical therapy OR The equivalent
DISCIPLINES in which the MASTER'S DEGREE is NOT Generally EXPECTED or AVAILABLE Archaeological Technology (Add the new discipline.)
Electronic Technology: Add to areas also included in the discipline:
Radio, television, computer repair and avionics
Diagnostic Medical Technology: Add to areas also included in the discipline:
Diagnostic medical sonography, neurodiagnostic technology, polysonographic technology.
Health Care Ancillaries: Add to areas also included in the discipline:
Medical assisting, hospice worker, home care aide, certified nurse aide, health aide, ward clerk central service technology, childbirth educator, primary care associate, massage therapy
M/S/C Disposition: Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Local Senates, Chancellor's Office