Community College Articulation Numbering System (CCAN)

Resolution Number
Linda Collins
Assigned to
Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
Articulation and Transfer
Status Report

CCAN no longer exists.

Whereas the Academic Senate's Fall 1995 paper "Toward a Common Course Numbering System" recommends the use of an intra-segmental numbering system to address concerns raised in SB 450 and to ease transfer for community college students between and among community colleges, and

Whereas the Board of Governors has awarded a Fund for Instructional Improvement grant to develop for non-transfer courses a Community College Articulation Numbering (CCAN) system (modeled after the California Articulation Numbering (CAN) system currently in use for transfer courses), and

Whereas the basic principles of good articulation include extensive use of faculty-to-faculty dialogue and reliance upon discipline expertise in the determination of course comparability,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to work with the Community College Articulation Numbering (CCAN) project to ensure the continued involvement of the Academic Senate in the future development of the CCAN third numbering system, and to ensure the appropriate role of discipline faculty in the establishment of course comparability, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to work in collaboration with the CCAN project director, the Chancellor's Office and the California Articulation Numbering (CAN) Council to establish appropriate mechanisms for the continued funding, institutionalization and maintenance of the CCAN system.