Data Tape Matches and County Participation

Resolution Number
Ellen Ligons
Assigned to
Financial Aid
Status Report

From Mark in 2009:  Given that there is no status for this resolution, I assume nothing was ever done. I would suggest that this resolution go to EDWPAC to find out whether it is still relevant, and if so, what has been accomplished and to provide a recommendation as to whether or not this is completed or feasible.

Whereas the identification of students who are CalWORKs participants and students who are Self Initiated Participants (SIPs) will increase the colleges' allocation of VTEA funding for the services and programs the CalWORKs participants and SIPs are accessing, and

Whereas it is possible to identify the SIPs while preserving their privacy by sending data tapes matches of Social Security Numbers to local county Department of Social Services Offices, and

Whereas there is an inconsistency in county response and willingness to provide data tape matches,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to provide the field with strategies and guidelines for successfully accessing data tape matches, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Department of Social Services to cooperate in partnership with their local community colleges in order to ensure that services and program resources are available to economically disadvantaged students.