Develop a Paper on Effective Transfer Practices

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Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
Articulation and Transfer

Whereas, California Education Code, Title 5 regulations, local policies and procedures, and restrictions placed on colleges by the California State University (CSU), the University of California (UC), independent institutions, and out-of-state institutions result in a wide variety of transfer practices and standards around the state leading to confusion among colleges as well as the exclusion and inequitable treatment of transfer-bound students across the system; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has numerous resolutions in support of transfer opportunities for students such as Resolution 4.01 F17 “Support Students Transferring to UC, CSU, and Private and Out-of-State Institutions”;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges develop a paper identifying effective practices around transfer to assist colleges to create and apply uniform and equitable transfer policies and bring the paper to the Fall 2019 Plenary Session for adoption.