Develop a Rubric for Ethnic Studies Courses for CSU General Education Area F

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The Chancellor's Office Ethnic Studies Task Force is working to address this resolution. 

Whereas, California community colleges are modifying and developing curriculum to address AB 1460 (Weber 2019) in accordance with the California State University definition of ethnic studies and to maximize and frame curriculum for student success through an equity-minded lens in support of the Chancellor’s Vision for Success and Call to Action;

Whereas, California community colleges have developed different local approaches to ethnic studies curriculum that includes elements found in the CSU definition of ethnic studies as well as elements intended to keep the fidelity and integrity of the well- established ethnic studies discipline in community colleges; and

Whereas, California community colleges need further guidance to develop local ethnic studies courses in such a way as to support students to demonstrate awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of cultural works, practices, and beliefs leading to ethical, responsible, and equity-minded participation in society;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges develop a rubric and other professional development materials to help colleges ensure proper course requirements and alignment for community college courses proposed to meet the CSU General Education Area F Ethnic Studies.