Developing a System Plan for Serving Disenfranchised Students

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
Found Not Feasible
Status Report

The body approved Resolution FA17 3.03 "Revise the 2002 Paper Student Equity: Guidelines for Developing a Plan" which will include a discussion of disenfranchised students.

The committee heard the recommendations of the task group at its October meeting and agreed that the resolution is not feasible. The committee directed the chair to recommend to EDAC a revision to the 2002 paper "Student Equity: Guidelines for Developing a Plan" to include a discussion of disenfranchised students.

Whereas, California’s community colleges serve a diverse population of students, some of whom have emotional and/or environmental circumstances which may interfere with their ability to achieve their academic goals, as well as disenfranchising them from engaging in normal societal privileges and activities;

Whereas, These disenfranchised students may be homeless, may be suffering from untreated medical and mental ailments, may not have steady income or transportation, and are often highly disinclined to allow themselves to be identified as being in need of support because the common characteristic among these students is that they exist in a constant state of insecurity;

Whereas, California’s community colleges are already overburdened with mandates to provide education plans for all students without sufficient resources, which are needed for these disenfranchised students in order to increase success, retention, and completion; and

Whereas, The California Community College System has established no future plans to provide the services that these disenfranchised students so badly need;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office and Board of Governors to develop a long range plan that will increase services for disenfranchised students.