Resolution Number
Assigned to
Equity and Diversity
Status Report

The Board of Governors adopted the Title 5 changes.

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges remains committed to hiring the best faculty and staff regardless of gender, ethnicity, or disability and to attaining the highest possible rate of success for our students regardless of their background;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has recently reaffirmed that districts should be required to plan ways to achieve the highest rates of student success for all groups and not leave this highest of priorities to chance;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges continues to be committed to the state mandates necessary to hire the faculty who will be most able to help our students succeed and to have in place the checks and training necessary to reduce to a minimum the tendency of all of us, even the best-intentioned, to carry some of the prejudices common in this country; and

Whereas, Federal law prohibits not only intentional discrimination against candidates because of their ethnicity, gender, or disability, but also hiring processes or criteria that appear fair, but that nonetheless in fact are obstacles to hiring the best because they cause discrimination against underrepresented groups;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge the Board of Governors to adopt the changes to Title 5 related to hiring and diversity (see official resolution).

Resolved, That the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to make every effort to get these measures adopted by the Board of Governors, but if that effort is unsuccessful in any significant measure to recommend these same mandates to the California Legislature and Governor.