Inclusion of Library Faculty on College Cross-Functional Teams for Guided Pathways and Other Student Success Initiatives

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Guided Pathways Task Force
Local Senates

Whereas, California community colleges continue to engage in numerous student success initiatives, including California Community College Guided Pathways Award Program, Student Equity, and Basic Skills Initiative;

Whereas, The importance of libraries for student success has not been fully recognized or explored in the language or implementation of such initiatives, and often library faculty have not been encouraged to participate in developing the corresponding plans;

Whereas, Numerous studies demonstrate that students who use the library are more successful in college; they earn better grades and are more likely to complete their courses and programs of study,[1] and studies show that collaborative academic programs and services involving the library enhance student learning, and information literacy instruction strengthens general education outcomes;[2] and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has several resolutions (including Resolutions 16.01 S08, 2.02 S12, and 7.01 S12) encouraging the inclusion and involvement of library faculty in the student success initiatives;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates to ensure library faculty are included on cross-functional teams for student success initiatives and guided pathways frameworks.


[1] Association of College and Research Libraries. Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects. April 2017.


See also:

Association of College and Research Libraries. Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Website


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