Infusing Cultural Competence

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Diversity and Equity
In Progress

Whereas, Resolution 1.02 Spring 2010[1] asks that “the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges create a plan for infusing best practices regarding cultural competence into professional development, work, goals, and other aspects of the work of the Senate and produce the plan as a model for local senates”; and

Whereas, Cultural competence is a skill set that makes one effective in working in diverse environments and teaching diverse students, and faculty who make progress toward becoming culturally competent should positively affect the success of students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges engage in cultural competency and equity training at its annual Executive Committee orientation, and use the information from that training to develop its cultural competency plan as a model for local senates; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges report its cultural competency plan to the body by Spring 2015 and include in that plan a component that will encourage greater diversity in local senates.


[1] The full text of this resolution is found at

Status Report: 

At its June 2014 Orientation meeting, the Executive Committee received cultural competency training, which provides feedback to the Equity and Diversity Action Committee in preparing information for local senates.

This resolution will continue to be addressed through the creation of the ASCCC Cultural Competence and Diversity Advocacy Plan (2014-2015 & 2015-2016).

EDAC created a Cultural Competency Plan, which is posted on the ASCCC website. A module for the Professional Development College on cultural competency is under development and is anticipated to be complete in August 2017. This resolution calls for the Cultural Competency Plan to be presented to the body in Spring 2015. However, in a review of resolutions on this topic, there doesn't appear to be a resolution adopting the cultural competency plan. 2017 - 18: EDAC will review the cultural competency plan to ensure that it addresses the resolution and bring forward to the body for adoption.