Professional Guidelines and Effective Practices for Using Publisher Generated Course Materials

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Online Education Committee
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A Rostrum article was published on this topic.  Further work is ongoing to address this resolution. 

Committee working with OEI PD to develop materials for distribution; Rostrum article already published. 2017 - 18: The committee will work on a timeline when materials will be available. Note: Report to the body due Fall 2017.

Whereas, Lectures, course materials, assessments, and other pedagogical materials have traditionally been developed by the faculty member teaching a course;

Whereas, The increase in the number of online courses offerings has led to an increase in the number of publisher generated materials, including “canned” courses and assessments, being produced by publishers and other groups and an increase in use of these materials by faculty in both online and in-person classes; and

Whereas, There are concerns that the increased widespread use of these “canned” courses and publisher generated materials may potentially damage the pedagogical soundness of all classes being offered by the California community colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, along with other system partners, provide professional guidance on effective practices for the use of publisher generated materials by faculty in all modalities of courses and report to the body by Spring 2017.