Staff Diversity Funds

Resolution Number
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Executive Committee
Faculty Development
Status Report

AACD develop a document that informs local senates how to lead and plan in the area of staff diversity funds.

Whereas the California legislature appropriates, based on AR 1725, and the Chancellor's Office distributes, funds to each district as staff diversity funds, and

Whereas an informal poll of the Senate faculty development committee has shown that these funds are variously distributed at colleges/districts, sometimes with little or no faculty input, and

Whereas the informal poll has also indicated that there is often no local publicity regarding how different constituents at a campus/district may use these funds, and

Whereas local and district academic senates should, according to shared governance, be involved in the local/district allocation of staff diversity funds,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to local senates that: A. They be informed how staff diversity funds are being spent on their campus. B. The local senate president sign off on reports to the Chancellor's Office on the local use of staff diversity money. C. Local senates, in the spirit of shared governance, have a liaison to whatever campus/district committees make decisions regarding staff diversity funds. D. Local senates be informed of what staff diversity money is not spent locally and what funds may roll over to the following year. M/S/U Disposition: Affirmative Action Officers, Chief Business Officers, Executive Committee, Local Senates, 4C/SD