Student Equity Clarification

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Work with Chancellor's Office and Consultation to equate "student equity" with student success. The AACD presented two breakouts on Student Equity; in Fall 1996 George Hall presented his status report on each district's statistics student performance record, any underperformance by ethnicity and gender in specific areas, and in the Spring 1997 participants reported their assessment of student equity implementation on their colleges. Because of receiving information in April 1997, a recommendations report is not yet ready. Several members attended various Student Equity colloquia, including Loretta Hernandez and Beverly Shue. Sondra Saterfield contributed counseling perspectives to the student equity implementation recommendations.

Whereas student equity as a concept embraces all students and calls attention primarily to institutional effectiveness with regard to student access and success, and

Whereas as open door institutions, community colleges do not and cannot make admittance decisions based on race, ethnicity, and other factors, and

Whereas the political climate of the state suggests the possibility that all things identified with affirmative action will be forcibly removed from community colleges,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to investigate the extent to which student equity is categorized or presented in association with affirmative action, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request, whenever and wherever appropriate, the association of "student equity" primarily with "student success."
M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee, Chancellor's Office