30.04 Stipends

ASCCC Executive Committee members generally have a 10-month commitment that spans from August through May.  Faculty elected to serve on the Executive Committee begin their terms on June 1 and are required to attend the May/June Executive Committee meeting and Orientation as well as the Faculty Leadership Institute. These responsibilities are included in the reassigned time paid to the members’ districts. However, some Executive Committee members, based on their assignments, might be asked to work in the summer beyond the normal 10-month commitment. In those instances when Executive Committee members provide significant service beyond their normal scope of work, they may receive a stipend from the ASCCC or other entities if funds are available. The receipt of stipends does not include participation in ASCCC institutes if the institutes are part of the members’ normal assignments or are a continuation of their currently assigned responsibilities. This includes the incoming and outgoing ASCCC Curriculum Chairs and committee seconds, who are required to attend the Curriculum Institute as part of their normal 10-month commitment.

Stipends are in all cases subject to available funds and are granted at the discretion of the ASCCC President and the Executive Director.

Approved by ASCCC Executive Committee April 2021