Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Modification to the Requirements of the Board of Governors Fee Waiver

Whereas, One of the largest expenditures of public funds to the California Community College System is the fee waiver granted by the Board of Governors (BOG) for students meeting specific criteria;

Whereas, Financial aid eligibility is commonly conditional upon satisfactory progress toward academic goals, but the BOG waiver does not currently require satisfactory progress;

Whereas, Recent proposals would remove the BOG waiver eligibility for students who accumulate more than a certain number of units or have a GPA below a certain level; and

Cooperative Work Experience Title 5 changes

Whereas, Cooperative Work Based Education helps students acquire desired work habits and skill competencies that aid student success in the classroom and the workplace;

Whereas, Current Title 5 language requiring parallel or alternate plans restricts student options for work experience;

Whereas, Title 5 55256 requires consultation "in person" with the employer and does not allow for other methods of contact such as phone and email; and

Reaffirming Career Ladders

Whereas, The Career Ladders Project for the California Community Colleges is designed to research and create an action plan to further the role of community colleges in providing career access and advancement opportunities for Californians;

Whereas, There is an emerging consensus among business, educational, and political leaders in California and nationally that occupational-sector-based "career ladders" provide the best means for students to secure employment that provides a living-wage and the opportunity for future advancement;

The System Office Strategic Plan and Faculty Primacy

Whereas, One of the guiding principles of the System Strategic Plan for the California Community Colleges is to use existing governance processes and one of its missions is economic and workforce development, and five Goal Area Implementation Teams (GAIT) have been created and are charged with developing plans for implementing each of the five identified strategic goals;

System Office Procedures for Calendar Approval

Whereas, Adjustments to academic calendars impact complexly interrelated institutional schedules that affect student access, student services, course and program delivery, facility availability, student learning and, most importantly, student success;

Reclaiming of Grant Purchased Equipment

Whereas, Grant funds are often used to purchase equipment that serve students and local colleges in ways other than prescribed in these grants;

Whereas, Such funds are frequently designed to aid in the development of a program that is eventually to be institutionalized and supported locally;

Whereas, Typically, local colleges retain ownership of equipment technically belonging to the federal government, state government, or other grant-awarding entities; and

California Community College Strategic Plan

Whereas, The California Community College System Office will be developing a system-wide strategic plan;

Whereas, Consultants hired for the development of the strategic plan will request that colleges each send no more than ten participants to regional planning meetings;

Whereas, Faculty participation is a critical component of the process; and

Whereas, Effective participation required by Title 5 mandates that local academic senates identify participating faculty;

GASB Requirement

Whereas, The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) is scheduled to impose new fiscal reporting requirements on California community college districts beginning in 2007-08;

Whereas, The Community College League of California (CCLC) has issued an advisory with specific recommendations that include funding proposals prepared by a private investment firm; and

Whereas, Responses to the GASB requirements will have a significant effect on the provision of education in the California community colleges;

Technology Reorganization in System Office

Whereas, The System Office agency review may include evaluation and adjustment of the way technology services are provided to the system; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has many existing positions regarding technology;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support changes in the System Office that:
create a more effective technology oversight and budgeting structure;ensure the academic integrity of distance education offerings by providing training, support and stable infrastructure;


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