Development of Catalog Guidelines

Whereas catalogs are the most important self-advising tool students have, and

Whereas catalogs are the primary way students, other colleges, and the general public understand courses, programs, and requirements, and

Whereas existing colleges treat information vital to students and information required by law, in different formats, sometimes omitting crucial areas, and

Whereas students and others must use catalogs from different colleges,

Curriculum Chair Sign-Off on CSU GE-Breadth Proposals

Whereas college curriculum committees are charged in Title 5 with upholding academic standards, and

Whereas all major curriculum recommendations, including IGETC proposals and new program applications, are signed by the faculty chair/co-chair of the curriculum committee,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request of the CSU General Education Review Committee that the submission form for CSU GE-Breadth proposals be signed by the faculty chair/co-chair of the college curriculum committee.

Compressed Courses

Whereas more and more colleges are offering courses in a "compressed" format, (e.g., a full-length course in two to four weeks), and

Whereas the pedagogy and learning effects of such compressed courses have not been researched or discussed,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to study and research compressed course offerings, including the effects on student learners, and

Good Practices in Basic Skills

Whereas community college instructors must be current in matters of pedagogy as well as expert in their disciplines, and

Whereas half of community college students enroll in at least one basic skills course, and

Whereas an ever increasing number of instructors are assigned to basic skills courses, and

Whereas a paper on good practices would be valuable to support the efforts of faculty teaching basic skills courses,

Program Discontinuance

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the document "Program Discontinuance: A Faculty Perspective," and

Resolved that the Academic Senate hold a breakout at the 1998 Fall Plenary Session on the implementation of the program discontinuance process.

Adherence to Distance Education Curriculum Review Requirements

Whereas Title 5 section 55378 states, "Each proposed or existing course, if delivered by distance education, shall be separately reviewed and approved according to the district's certified course approval procedures," and

Whereas the Academic Senate has published guidelines for implementing curriculum review and approval of courses delivered by distance education in its paper "Curriculum Committee Review of Distance Learning Courses and Sections " (November 1995), and

Program Discontinuation (Submitted Fall 1995)

Whereas vocational and academic programs are sometimes threatened with termination through faculty retirements and economics, and

Whereas many colleges are not in compliance with Title 5 Sections 55800 and 55810 which require local boards to adopt procedures for program termination and file them with the Chancellor's Office, and

Whereas UC and CSU require a systemwide approval of program termination, and

Whereas there is a need to develop clear regulations for termination of programs,

Basic Skills Paper

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the paper "A Survey of Effective Practices in Basic Skills."

ESL and CalWORKs

Whereas the Little Hoover Commission (a standing committee of the California Legislature empowered to analyze efficiency in government agencies and operations) is currently reviewing the California community colleges and has initiated discussion of the mission of the community colleges with particular attention to the inclusion of CalWORKs (California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids program) and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, and

Certificates Proposal

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the paper "A Proposal to Revise the Use of Certificates" as amended.


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