2012 Fall Plenary Session

Event Dates

Thank you for participating in Fall Plenary 2012!

Presentation Materials

Title Breakout Time
I’m New: Now, What the Heck Do I Do? Pointers for Plenary and Inclusiveness of Faculty at the State Level
SSTF Update: ARCC Scorecard
The Evolution of Curriculum: TMCs and Local Degrees
Common Core Standards and College and Career Readiness—What's It's All About?
Working Together – CSSOs and Faculty
Distance Education and Financial Aid
Credit by Exam: Time for a Revolution?
Avoiding Unintended Consequences: Student and Student Services Perspectives on Prerequisite Implementation
Understanding the Big Picture: SB 1456 and Enrollment Prioritie
Keynote -- Transforming our Colleges: The Student Mental
C-ID: Adapting to a Changing Environment
The Student Success Act Says ‘Jump!’ But Who Determines How High?
Student Success: What Is It and How Can We Measure It?
Low-unit Certificates
Program Discontinuance versus Program Discontinuance
Now What? Next Steps in Sacramento
Mission Unrecognizable? Unmasterful Plan?
The Evolution of Faculty Qualifications, Equivalencies, and Assigning Courses to Disciplines
Our Constantly Evolving Curriculum
Resolutions, the Cornerstones of Local and State Senates' Democracy and Governance
How Can We Develop and Hire the Academic Administrators We Need?
Emerging Policy Issues in Pre-Transfer Mathematics
Nuts and Bolts of Local Senates
General Session: State of the Senate
Grow! Grow! Grow! … Shrink?
Evolution and the Minimum Qualifications Disciplines List: Integrating Outliers Into the Disciplines List
Developing Effective Faculty Evaluation Processes: Controversies, Faculty Roles, and Best Practices
Critical Conversations on Career Technical Education
Basic Skills Advisory Committee - What's Happening at the State Level?
Accreditation and the 2012 Standards