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January 3, 2022 and February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

An Open Letter: From An Adjunct Faculty Member to Full-Time Faculty
The Impact of ASCCC Statewide Service
Elevate the CTE Faculty Voice
Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Support Programs and Services Coordination to Best Serve Students
Taking Stock of CCCApply
Revisiting the 50% Law: Its Intent and Its Future
Ethnic Studies: Looking Back; Looking Forward
Faculty Hiring and Diversity: An Ongoing Collaborative Effort
How You Can Support Professional Development Through the ASCCC Foundation
Development Criteria for Curriculum Approval Processes
Decolonizing Your Syllabus, an Anti-Racist Guide for Your College
Our Obligation to Equitable Hiring Practices: A Partnership Approach to Ensuring an Equity-minded Selection and Recommendation Process
Credit for Prior Learning as an Equity Lever
Legislation and Curriculum: Maintaining the Faculty Voice
Academic Freedom and Equity
Survey on Collegial Consultation During Guided Pathways Implementation: An Agenda for Professional Development
Optimizing Student Success
Ensure Learning Through the Social Construction of Learning
Anti-Racism and Guided Pathways Implementation
Collegiality and Vigilance in a Time of Crisis
Dealing with Health Disparities in Nursing School
Do They Really Care About US: The Civil Right Act 1964, Diversity, and Equity
Breaking the Silence: The Paradox and Agony of Education
Curriculum Trauma
Explicit Bias