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January 3, 2022 and February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Guided Pathways and AB 705: What’s Noncredit Got to Do, Got To Do with It?
Minimum Qualifications for Apprenticeship Instructors: On the Road to a New Relationship Between the Academic Senate and the Apprenticeship Community
Metric Fatigue: Reforming Metrics to Facilitate Meaningful Institutional Dialog
But We Already Do That! What’s New About Guided Pathways?
Faculty Hiring Processes
The Importance of Major Preparation
Updates on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Efforts
Apprenticeships and the Faculty Purview
Building a New Road: Faculty Participation on Peer Review Teams for Accreditation
A New Fully Online California Community College?
Honoring Student Voice: Ensuring Students’ Effective Participation in Governance
Local Senate Succession Planning: Some Considerations
Busting Equivalency Myths: An Equivalencies Chair’s Perspective
Untangling the Knots —Minimum Qualifications, Faculty Service Areas, Placing Courses within Disciplines and Other Fun Stuff
Mythbusting Open Educational Materials
ASCCC Efforts to Support and Advocate for Noncredit Instruction — A Review
Local Implementation of AB 705— What We Know and What Remains to Be Answered
Faculty Primacy and AP Credit
Sound Decisions Begin with Listening
The Value of Time: Going on Sabbatical? Try OER
Student Learning Outcomes: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
CTE Advisory Committees: Making Them Work for You!
A Womanly Perspective on Gender-Inclusive Language
DACA – Where Are We Now?
Building a Deeper Career Education Candidate Pool--Using Faculty Equivalency Processes More Effectively