Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Worksheets for Computation of 75:25

Whereas the understanding of, and the ability to, calculate figures for the number of flu-time faculty and the 75:25 ratio at colleges and districts is still beyond the reach of many faculty leaders, and

Whereas an accurate method of computation could be used consistently at the local level,

Full-time Faculty Ratio

Whereas a clear intent of the 75:25 ratio provision of AB 1725 was to increase the contact between students and faculty by ensuring that faculty would be available to participate in the full range of campus activities by increasing the number of fill-time faculty to a reasonable ratio, and

Whereas the present methodology for computing this ratio is district based and not college based, and

Whereas this practice does not ensure that goals are realized equally among colleges in a multi-college district, and

Performance Based Funding

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has consistently advocated the importance of accountability and appropriate assessment but has adopted resolutions opposing performance based funding and the Partnership for Excellence, and

Whereas the Governor's current budget contains funding for the Partnership to be distributed on the basis of performance, setting the indicators and directing the Board of Governors to come to consensus with CPEC, Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst, and the Department of Education, and

Adoption of the Consultation Council Task Force Report on Counseling

Whereas, The Consultation Council Task Force on Counseling was charged with assessing access to counseling services at California community colleges; and

Whereas, Counseling services provided by counseling faculty are critical to the mission of California community colleges and to the success of our students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the document, "Report from the Consultation Council Task Force on Counseling."


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