Academic Senate Caucus Restructuring

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Executive Director
Academic Senate
Status Report

The ASCCC updated and revised its caucus structure in 2020. The new guidelines and criteria can be found on the ASCCC Caucus Page

Whereas, Caucuses are charged to serve a critical role in the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) by “serving as groups of independently organized faculty to meet, network, and deliberate collegially in order to form a collective voice on issues of common concern that caucus members feel are of vital importance to faculty and the success of students as they relate to academic and professional matters”;

Whereas, The ASCCC Caucuses struggle to meet the needs of their membership since the actions of caucuses are delimited in the Caucus Recognition Criteria so that the caucuses are not “duplicative of the work of standing ASCCC committees, existing caucuses, or other representative groups” and are “not intended to…meet the professional development needs of its membership” as well as further constrained by the Caucus Procedures and Guidelines regarding leadership and organizational structure;

Whereas, The scope of work of the ASCCC and the ASCCC Executive Committee has increased exponentially over the past few years as significant and numerous initiatives and programs have required increased participation and consultation at the state level with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, system-wide partners, stakeholders, and legislators as well as engaging in ongoing research projects, developing

tools and resources, establishing positions through official papers and resolutions; and enhancing support for local senates and faculty leaders; and

Whereas, The various ASCCC Caucuses, with memberships that include experienced, talented, and committed faculty leaders, might serve to provide much needed support to faculty colleagues across the state through networking, mentoring, and professional development activities, as complements to the services provided by ASCCC, and assist in fulfilling the ASCCC Strategic Plan, Goal 2, Objective 2.1: Increase leadership development opportunities to prepare diverse faculty to participate in and lead local and statewide conversations [1];

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) revise its Caucus Recognition Criteria and Procedures and Guidelines so that an ASCCC caucus may provide networking, mentoring, and professional development activities for its members; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) revise its Caucus Recognition Criteria and Procedures and Guidelines to incorporate flexibility so that the ASCCC caucuses may serve a distinct and significant role in assisting ASCCC to provide statewide and local leadership professional development for faculty leaders and provide expertise to the ASCCC Executive Committee.


[1] ASCCC Strategic Plan (…