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ESL Students in California Public Higher Education Spring 2006 Intersegmental Issues
Academic Freedom and the 60% Law Spring 2006 Professional Standards
Occupational Programs and the 60% Limitation on Part-Time Spring 2006 Career Technical Education
Postponement of 80% Resolutions Spring 2006 General Concerns
Disciplines List - Speech Communication Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Noncredit Funding Spring 2005 Budget and Finance
Disciplines List - Agriculture Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Disciplines List - Automotive Mechanics Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Disciplines List - Drafting Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Local Policies on Academic Freedom Spring 2005 Professional Standards
Creation of a Statewide Listserv Fall 2005 Academic Senate
GASB Requirement Spring 2005 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Adoption of the Consultation Council Task Force Report on Counseling Spring 2003 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Chancellors Advisory on Associate Degree Nursing Programs Fall 2003 Career Technical Education
Evolving a Plan of Action Spring 2003 Academic Senate
Chancellor's Coordinator of Library and Learning Programs Spring 2003 Library and Learning Resources
Resolution to Alternate Spring Sessions between North and South Fall 2003 Academic Senate
Reduction of Dues to Statewide Academic Senate Spring 2003 Academic Senate
Student Removal Spring 2003 Professional Standards
Substitute Resolution 1.06 Fall 2003 Academic Senate
Protection of Threatened Disciplines Spring 2003 Budget and Finance
Student Fees Spring 2003 Students
Investing in Basic Skills Education is Essential for Social Progress Spring 2003 Budget and Finance
Reauthorization of Perkins Spring 2003 Career Technical Education
Full-Time Faculty Hiring Obligation Spring 2003 Budget and Finance



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